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storms later on today but our chances are fairly small. the forecast today, especially the bus stop forecast is going to be on the mild side. we're sitting in the 60s. i expect that to stick through about the 9:00 hour. then when the sunshine pulls on in later on this afternoon, we'll see the opportunity for the temperatures to really bump on up quickly through the 70s by noontime and early afternoon i think most of us should hit into the middle range to lower 80s. around about 8:00 we should see 80 degrees at reagan national airport. then in the afternoon cloud cover comes back in. by about the 7:00 or 8:00 hour, we could see some showers and storms begin to develop. the highs will be the warmest of the week. it's going to feel very warm, more like summertime today and tomorrow we cool down back down into the 70s. monika? >> early morning headaches on the southbound side of i-270. i'm sorry to tell you. at least the good news is the accident that caused those headaches has been cleared. it was after route 118 in germantown. but look at all that red. it's 6:00 in the morning. let's take a live look first
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over here at the accident. i'm going to step out n. is our this is from our sky 9. the activity is now on the the right shoulder. southbound i-270 at route 118. as they zoom out and show us the delay, it's not pretty. right through germantown as you head after clarksburg to that point at the accident scene where apparently it's still attracting some attention. in fact, let's go to our mdot camera and we can show you here at father hurley boulevard. this is about 5 miles an hour through this area. a tough one this morning. let's go over to our maps again. this time we'll head over to virginia. on the inbound side of i-66, just the slow traffic forming right here in fairfax. lanes have been open. no issues to report here 066 inside or outside the beltway. -- here on 66 inside or outside the beltway. let's take a live look. you can see traffic is moving well on both loops of the beltway and 066 as well. i'll -- on 66 as well. i'll be back with more at 6:11. the union representing thousands of pepco workers is telling its members to reject
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the utility's latest contract offer and that could lead to the first strike in decades. >> that's because pepco says this is its last and best offer. the vote on the contract is happening today. kristin fisher is live outside pepco headquarters in northwest washington. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. what we're talking about is an ongoing contract dispute between pepco and its union employees, the linemen, the electricians. today those employees are going to vote on what pepco is calling their last best and final offer. if they vote no which is what their union leaders are urging them to do, then this would be as you said the first strike in 27 years in pepco's history. this could lead to a strike or a lockout. the two sides have been negotiating this contract for five months. in fact, they've already extended the current contract four times. but after 51 meetings, even with the help of a federal
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mediator, they're still at an impasse. pepco calls the latest offer generous but the local president jim griffin calls it ridiculous. >> i think the mood is angry. the company wants to take over control of our health and welfare benefits. there's no reason for it. they want to eliminate a major portion of our seniority rights. there's no reason for it. they want to hire part-time employees in our call center which we believe will affect customer service. >> reporter: what would a strike mean for pepco customers? pepco says the customers will not notice any changes in service or repairs if the workers walk out. they also have hundreds of contractors on standby ready to help in the event of severe weather. but union leaders say that plan is not going to work, and i will let them explain why in their own words coming up in half an hour at 6:30. >> kristin fisher with that
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live update at pepco headquarters in northwest washington this morning. also this morning, police are looking for a killer. they rushed to h street near benny road southeast overnight and found one man shot. medics rushed him to the hospital. no word on his identity or condition. a short while later police found a second victim dead from an apparent gunshot wound. his name has not been released either. a family of four is found dead in their herndon home and police believe it's a murder- suicide case. fairfax county police found the bodies inside the family's home on point rider lane near west stocks road yesterday morning. investigators say the husband and wife's employers contacted police after they didn't show up for work. that's when police found the parents and their to teenage sons dead. neighbors who knew the family say they were friendly and outgoing. >> they always would help the neighbors and things like that just very nice people all the time, you know, waved to you, hi, how are you doing. i always waved to him as i'm going home from work every day.
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>> at this point investigators are not releasing the victims' names until the rest of their family has been notified. the district apparently knew about the flooding problems in the city's bloomingdale neighborhood six years ago. now the people who live there want to know why nothing was done about it since then. this is what it looked like back in july after a bad storm. people had water and sewage flooding into their homes. after a hearing yesterday, residents said dc water knew about their problems there. now residents caught in the middle paying for repairs while the city investigates. >> some of the costs for the destruction of the common area, our condo association submitted a claim and it was rejected. they then rescinded the rejection but now they're saying we're waiting an investigation to see what's going on with the system. >> a massive project to upgrade the city's sewer system is not going to be done till 2025. 6:05. jessica doyle is watching your
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money and your credit score. >> it may not be nearly as important as you think. why is that? >> well, it may not be exactly what you think because you may not really know what your credit score looks like. if you've gotten your credit score lately, it may not be the same one your lender is looking at. the consumer financial protection bureau studied 200,000 credit reports. it found one out of five people are likely to get a score that is dramatically different. what that means is better or worse, you could be getting better terms on your loans or worse terms. the score a lender sees can depend on the type of loan you're getting. there are 49 different fico scores that determine how risky you are. they don't have any way to know which score the lender is actually using and how it jives with the report they buy from the credit bureaus. the agency says consumers need to shop around in case the lender see as higher score than they think they actually have. if you want to carry around an iphone or samsung galaxy or some other cell phone are you know your cell phone is going
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to be big. "the wall street journal" reports that families across america have been cutting back on food, clothes and entertainment budgets to make room for that ever higher phone bill. and now the carriers are betting they can push that bill even higher. i don't want to alarm anybody but it may be time to start hoarding bacon. maybe start that bacon shelf in the freezer. here's why. britain's national pig association says a worldwide bacon shortage is unavoidable. the summer's drought left farmers with left corn and soybean seed to give their herds. the number of slaughtered pigs could drop by 10% doubling the price of pork next year. bacon lovers in the u.s., we don't have to panic just yet. america's pork supply actually reached a record last month. u.s. hog farmers have been reducing their herds due to higher feed costs but the situation isn't quite as bad in the u.k.-- >> than the u.k. >> i wonder how the turkeys are
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doing, turkey bacon. >> i can watch the video all morning long. >> we'll just pump the smell in. >> bacon candles. >> bacon anything. >> thank you, jess. our time 16:08. straight ahead some simple ways you can get cash back from dominion power. you'll also be helping the environment at same time. >> cash back, that sounds good, and bacon, too. >> a soggy morning in portions of the region. your weather first straight ahead. >> want to make a fat paycheck out of college? head down south. graduates of the georgia institute of technology have the highest paychecks for both recent grads and students who graduated 15 years ago. the university of florida is second followed by texas and ivy league schools doesn't come on this list till number 18. >> the top 17 are all public schools. at number 17 the university of virginia, the cavaliers are right ahead of princeton in that ranking. gw is number 38.
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the only other local school in the top 50 is gw. >> bacon bacon. this country was built by working people. the economy needs manufacturing. machines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars
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back in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪
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i'm meteorologist olga breese. after a cloudy start this morning, we'll see midday sunshine but the clouds will
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return later this afternoon. look for showers and thunderstorms to develop. highs today in the low 80s. >> thank you so much, olga. we're taking a look now on the beltway northbound gw parkway. ramp to the inner loop of the beltway where authorities are dealing with this accident here and expect some delays trying to get on to the beltway leaving the gw parkway. i'll have more on this and also an accident on 270 at 6:18. back to you. at 6:12 this wednesday morning, here are some of the stories making news. we're trying to get more information on two explosions which happened this morning in syria. at least one went off near the army command building. it may be a response to an explosion at a school yesterday. two people were killed then. black and hispanic children go unrestrained in cars ten times more than white children. the university of michigan study says more needs to be done to reach out to those communities to educate them on child safety rules. and to make car seats more affordable. an interesting way to show
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support for the troops. the lieutenant governor of minnesota joined the army's golden knights and jumped out of a plane tuesday. she said it's the least she could do for people who risk their lives every day. we talked about how many times every morning we talk about everything that's going up in price. you love to try to find a way to save money, right? dominion power is giving its customers a chance in virginia to save some energy and earn some money instead. joining us this morning is miss anderson from dom minution. great to see her in person. let's talk about money saving and moneymaking opportunities. >> saving energy is easy. and coupled with that, when you save energy, you're also saving money. thanks to some new programs that dominion virginia power has that was recently approved by the virginia state corporation commission, there are four new conservation programs that our customers can take advantage of. >> which are. >> the first is the home energy checkup. i would start with that program because it allows you to have a
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comprehensive study of your energy usage at home. then that study will then result in an individualized report. >> does that include things like checking your thermostat, the actual mechanicals in your house or the windows? >> it's all of it. it's everything in your home that makes your home energy efficient. we look at all of that -- all of those things and then give you a personalized report that says if you take these measures, then there can be cost savings and energy savings for you. the nice thing about it is when you implement those measures that are recommended after the checkup, we give you a check, a rebate that average abouts $2k 30 and that will help pay for the cost of having a contractor come out, do the energy checkup for you, and then the measures that you decide to implement. the key is there you've got to use a contractor that's part of our dominion network. these are preapproved certified contractors that we've already worked with, we've discussed what they need to do.
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they know what the checkup entails and how to make recommendations that will help our customers with energy efficiency. >> two quick questions. does the checkup cost anything? >> depends on the contractor, depends on where you live, it depends on the size of your home. get in touch with the contractor from the list. >> looking ahead, we know that pepco is having these issues with the union and they are trying to get ready for the winter coming up. what's dominion doing to avoid power problems and are you going to have union problems as well? >> we use a different union than pepco uses. our foe exus is making sure our system is -- focus is making sure our system sup and reliable. we have a team that's constantly looking at the electric service to our customers. we're working round the clock all the time, tree trimming, making sure our facilities are ready, whether it be snow, ice, wind, whatever. >> le-ah anderson, thank you. we'll talk to you on the phone the next time there's a major storm. calm this morning. satellite and radar features a
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lot of moisture to the north. so far the brunt of the showers have missed us. it will have a better opportunity though to get some rain into our forecast later on this afternoon. for right now, though, we're calling for mainly cloudy skies. as the kids head out to the bus stop, they want to have that light layer with them. we're a little bit breezy. winds out of the southwest this morning at 5 to 10 miles per hour. although our temperatures are in the 60s inside and outside the beltway, we're going to continue to rise and get a little more sunshine as we head through midday and early afternoon. here's how we look overall with your weather headlines. a cloudy and mild start this morning. we will see the opportunity for some sunshine later on today and, yes, go have the showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for late afternoon and evening. then even more unsented weather as we -- unsettled weather as we move on into your thursday, friday and weekend forecast. here's how we look overall with our seven-day outlook. although today's temperatures will be quite warm, that's about it for us. we'll get back down into the lower range to middle 70s by the time we hit the thursday forecast. notice our overnight lows are staying fairly mild. that's because of the cloud
6:17 am
cover. we should hover right around 60 degrees in town. upper 50s outside the beltway. so no extremely cool temperatures for the short term. but as we get into saturday and sunday, we could see the opportunity for those late day showers as well. so far so good into the weekend forecast. on monday we'll be fantastic for the nats game and temperatures will stay in the 70s through much of next week. monika? thank so you much, olga. yes, we've had issues on 270 and now on the beltway as well. if you're planning to head southbound on i-270, see all the red? the accident there happened well over an hour ago southbound at route 118 in germantown. it's been cleared to the shoulder. left all of this now on the southbound side. in fact, let's take a live look here from our mdot cameras southbound and at father hurley boulevard, barely moving. although the accident is on the shoulder. you've got it from i wod say clarksburg all the way through germantown before the pace improves and it's 6:17 in the morning. now let's go back over to our
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maps, this time the accident finally found it, it's on the ramp from the inner loop to get on to the inbound side of river road. we'll go to our live shot from sky 9. the flares have been set up. crews are on the scene here. again inner loop ramp to inbound river road is where this accident is sitting. it's of course going to cause slow traffic for you. river road itself is not affected by the accident. you should be okay if you're leaving potomac trying to get toward the district this morning. i'll keep you posted on both of those situations once again at 6:25. back to you guys. >> thank you, monika. our time 16:18. next in sports -- is 6:18. next in sports, fallout from the bad football call and the nationals begin their final road trip of the season. >> who is not talking about that monday night call. time for another check of the question of the morning. here it is. on average you earn more money the more you do one of these things. is it the more you work the more money you earn? the more you read the more money you earn or the more
6:19 am
degrees you earn the more money you earn? >> kim writes, i would like to believe a, work but i think it's c, but if you're a male, then you tend to make more than your female counterpart no matter what letters follow your name. >> keep your guesses coming. we'll have the answer at 6:53.
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welcome back. it's 6:22 on this wednesday morning. olga breese in for howard bernstein. we have overcast skies. we'll get sunshine working here midday and late day. overall i think we'll be fairly mild to start. we're sitting in the 60s right now. we'll hit the middle 70s by lunch time. plenty of midday sunshine and overcast skies in the afternoon but we'll still get an opportunity for a warm high in the low to mid-#s on. looks -- mid-#s on the looks -- mid-80s. looks like a late day shower or storm will be coming our way. dispiept the outcry from --
6:23 am
despite the outcry from tons of fans, everybody on sports talk roorks espn and everybody else on the planet, the n.f.l. is not going to overturn the call that ended the monday night football game. the seahawks still beat the packers 14-12. >> of course that doesn't mean everyone is happy about it. a few packers fans spoke out on the streets of green bay monday. they said the n.f.l. needs to reach a deal with its regular refs and dump their replacements. even president obama weighed in saying the replacement guys need to go. congressman paul ryan said the same thing. get this. an eye care center in wisconsin is offering free lasix for the referees involved in that controversial call. the doctor says there the ref's eyesight is so bad, they could be a danger so society. i know the real refs will say we're never wrong. of course we're never going to complain about them. getting testy with the replacement refs cost redskins
6:24 am
coach kyle shanahan $25,000. he got into it at the end of sunday's loss to the bengals and he was hit with an unsportsman like conduct penalty. shanahan admits delose his composure. the nationals' lead in the nl east is down to four games. the braves won last night clinching a playoff spot. the nats begin a three-game series with the phillies last night. d.c. already trailed 2-1 with two on in the 3rd. carlos took ross detwiler deep to left. not having a good stretch lately. nats lose 6-3. keep the faith. or comes tale -- orioles taking on the blue jays. the o az had the bases loaded in the 9th but ryan flaherty popped out. os lose 4-0 and remain one and a half back of the yankees in the at l east. their magic number to clinch a wild card spot is at six right
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now. coming up on 6:25, still to come why more of us are spending more money to redecorate our times. >> you can't get through an hour of work without a cup of joe. hello. learn which professors drink -- professions, excuse me, drink the most on the job. >> coffee that is. >> coffee, yes. >> drink the most coffee on the job. monika, save us. what's happening in traffic? >> et another cup of -- get another cup of coffee. southbound 270, route 121 right through germantown, the early morning accident cleared. no issues other than this although this is a big one. i'll be back with more traffic coming up in my next report. you're watching 9news now. go get a cup of coffee. [ harry umlaut ] that's one creamy muller.
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6:29. the capitol. good morning everybody. good morning, congress. we're glad you're here. we thank you for starting your wednesday with us. good morning. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. howard is off today. olga breese is live on the weather terrace with a look at how things are looking this morning. good morning. i noticed the breeze blowing. yes, it's a little breezy with our winds out of the southwest right about 10 miles per hour at this hour. we will see our overcast skies begin to clear. that's good news.
6:30 am
grab the sunglasses as you head on out. we'll have mostly sunny skies by your lunch breang. whiz -- break. whiz through the 70s. hit the lower 80s by 5:00 but cloud cover will increase and will bring us a late afternoon and evening shower or thunderstorm opportunity. we had one trouble after another to be honest this morning. first of all, on the southbound side of i-270, we had that early morning accident. now it's cleared a while ago but look what it left for you this morning. oh, my goodness. on the southbound side it's basically coming out frederick down to clarksburg and germantown at route 118 where the activity is on the shoulder. we'll take a live look on the southbound side. again one long slow lineup. lanes are open out of frederick all the way to germantown but it's going to take you a lot longer than normal. i'll step out and show what you it looks like from our sky 9. a close-up look the at accident activity on the ramp from the northbound side of the gw parkway trying to get on to the inner loop of the beltway. it was an overturned vehicle. you can see crews have arrived
6:31 am
on the scene. it's kind of dark here but that's your flat bed tow truck trying to get that accident vehicle loaded up and moved out of there. you cannot access the inner loop of the beltway from the northbound side of the gw parkway. if you look closely at the bottom of your screen, there it is, the overturned vehicle they're going to have to get on to that tow truck. so it's going to take a few minutes here. keep that in mind for your travel plans. let's go over to our maps again. this time to the northbound side of i-95. luckily this has been incident free and no big problems as you travel into dumfries and woodbridge and a live look one more time in spring field northbound side. just loading up here route 644 up to the beltway. i'll have more on traffic once again at 6:43. back to you guys. >> see you then. thanks. present obama told the united nations tuesday that iran's nuclear program needs to be stopped. he says it threatens global peace and the economy. >> our partners at cbs this morning are talking with the president of iran for a second day. gayle king joins us live from new york with a preview of
6:32 am
that. it's been a very interesting conversation. looking forward to hearing more, gayle. good morning. >> that's right, mike and andrea. that conversation continues today. the. of iran tells -- the. of iran tells us -- the president of iran tells us why his country will not be defeated in earth. we'll get an answer on whether iran is supplying weapons to syria. plus, we'll talk to the head of the n.f.l. players union about the growing outrage over those replacement refs. his concerns about safety and what can be done to end the lockout. those stories and more when we see you at 7:00. >> everybody is talking about it every single day with those refs. it's unbelievable. thanks, gayle. >> i know it. see you. pepco union leaders are going to vote on a contract and it's one that pepco is calling its final offer. >> the head of the union says members should reject it and go on strike. kristin fisher has more on what this means for pepco customers.
6:33 am
we haven't had a strike by the utility in a very long time. >> reporter: yes, 27 years in fact. i'm told this is the contract that these union pepco employees are voting on today. as you said their union leaders are asking them to reject this. they're calling this ridiculous. but pepco is calling this a very generous offer. they say it is their last and final offer. so what happens to you, the pepco customer, if indeed this does indeed turn into a strike or a lockout? pepco says customers are not going to notice any changes in service or repairs if the workers walk out. they also have hundreds of contractors on standby ready to help in the event of severe weather. but ibew union leaders say they disagree. they say they're the ones who know the pepco system, know how to keep europe lights on, not the contract -- keep your lights o not the contractors. >> contractors come and go.
6:34 am
they don't have any connections to the community. they don't know our system. we have employees who have 30 and 35 years worth of service. i seriously doubt there's any contractor who has an employee that has ten years of service on the pepco system. >> reporter: the union's biggest concern with the contract pertains to its health and welfare plans. the contract would allow pepco to take control of the plans and eliminate seniority. but pepco says it's fair and the two sides have been working on and negotiating for five months. union members have already started voting and they can keep voting till 6:00 tonight. so it will likely be much later today, possibly even tomorrow before we know whether or not they have accepted or rejected this contract. if they do indeed reject this contract, then they still need to vote on whether or not they're going to strike. so we're still probably a little ways away before we know
6:35 am
whether or not we're going to see a strike or a lockout but if indeed it does happen, as i said first strike here at pepco in 27 years. >> kristin fisher live updating us from pepco headquarters in northwest this morning. prince george's county police will hold a community meeting tonight about the murder of marc -- marckel ross who was killed walking to school. police say ross' murder was not related to the killing of 17-year-old amber stanley. she was murdered inside her own bedroom in the kettering neighborhood last month. tonight there will be a community walk in her honor. residents and police will be seeking any information on her killer. the walk begins tonight at 6:00 at the oak creek west community park in kettering. back to the breathylizer. d.c. police are going to resume that investigating technique starting this friday. the program was suspended in
6:36 am
2010 because there was some problems with the testing equipment. when it was suspended officers had to rely on urine and field probright tests to determine if someone was drunk behind the wheel. from now a trained police operator will conduct the test and a grant will help police resume the breathylizer program. if you hear canyon fire or sirens or see first responders racing to a drill in arlington, it is just a drill. it begins at 8:00 this morning at joint mace myer anderson hall and should go till 3:00 this afternoon. the simulation will help personnel learn to deal with lockdown and gate closures. 6:36. jessica doyle is back with another your money report. >> apparently we are rehabbing our homes even more these days. how come? >> that's right. the reason why people are choosing not to buy a new home and instead they're reinvesting in the one they're living in. a new survey from ibm smarter commerce found online purchases of home-related goods took priority over back-to-school spending for families at the end of the summer.
6:37 am
sales were up 30% in july from last year, up 26% in august for home-related items. our partners at "u.s.a. today" report the uptick is also helping mom and pop hardware stores and big boxes like home depot. barnes and noble rolling out two new verges of its nook tab -- versions of its nook tablet. they have a sharper high def screen. the new nook hd will come in two sizes. a 7-inch screen starting at 199 bucks and the new 9-inch scoop called the nook hd plus starting at $269. the tablets are available for preorder online and in stores beginning tomorrow. they begin shipping in late october and arriving in stores in early november. do you think you need coffee more than the average joe? let's see how your profession ranks? dunkin donuts and career builder teamed up to determine which professions feel more productive at work when they drink coffee. this is just in time for national coffee day. your time is coming, mike.
6:38 am
we'll deal with number one. food prep and service workers followed by scientists, sales representatives, marketing and public relations professionals and nurses rounded out the top five. in case mike is wondering journalist comes in sixth place. a lot of teachers watch the morning show here. you guys ranked in eighth place. >> work a little harder to get into the top five, mike. >> if they took a survey of how much i drink-- >> you would be number one. our time 16:38. you can see the national opera performance. we'll meet one of the performers of the terrific show. we could have some more showers this afternoon. highs in the 80s. straight ahead, learn how long the damp weather is going to stick around. keep it here.
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it's 6:42 and 66 degrees. monika here with your timesaver traffic and 2730 drivers, i -- 270 drivers i feel your pain. this accident i've been telling you about happened such a long time ago, it was cleared out of the road but was there long enough to cause this delay on the southbound side of 270 coming in from frederick to germantown. your lanes are open. we'll take a live look as you travel through the germantown area and clarksburg as well. this is what you have to deal with. i'm so sorry about that but at least itself lanes are open -- the lanes are open. just give yourself the extra time. there's always the option of the great seneca highway. i want to step out and show you what it looks like from our sky 9. this is the beltway outer loop side. the accident sitting on the shoulder not causing any delays there. you have got your initial lineup from the outer loop from
6:44 am
95 toward university boulevard. then again here at connecticut avenue. on eastbound route 32, by the way, an accident is blocking it from route 29 to shaker. keep that in mind as well. let's go back over to our maps. this time we'll head over to the other side of town. if you're coming in from the bw parkway or route 50 through cheverly, you'll be okay. the lanes are open. one last live look. this time to the beltway near pennsylvania avenue. at least this looks good near andrews air force base. i'll be back with more traffic at 6:58. >> thanks, monika. olga is for howard today. had some drops on the windshield but it's going to move out? >> it's not only moving out but we're starting to see some clearing skies already. we expected this to happen around the 8:00, 9:00 hour but some are us are getting the sunshine a little bit early. we will need sunglasses for today. the forecast is going to take us through the 60s where we're sitting right now so it will be a little bit breezy for the kids at the bus stop. you want to make sure they have maybe a sweat shirt or sweater with them. they won't need it through the
6:45 am
middle portion of the day but later on this evening, anyone that will be out late wants to have that umbrella nearby because the shower and thunderstorm chance will be on the rise as the clouds come back later on today. here's how it breaks down hour by hour. with your day planner. 9:00 hour we'll still have a little bit of cloud cover but look at the brilliant sunshine by noon. we're pushing through the 70s. hit the middle range 80s by late afternoon and we will see the opportunity for some late day showers and thunderstorms. so in a nutshell, what you need to know over the next 24 hours to get this day going, cloudy start is about to end for us. we're going to keep our temperatures mild, not too hot today but fairly warm as our sunshine is going to warm us up into the middle range 80s for most of us. lower 80s if you're out toward the west. afternoon showers and thunderstorms is just a slight chance but some of us will get wet late in the day. then the unsettled weather will continue into our thursday forecast, even friday and into parts of our weekend. so doppler radar quiet at the moment but we expect to see a little more pop as we head
6:46 am
later on in the day. these mild temperatures not only extend across the eastern seaboard going all the way up into the northern new england states and we're definitely going to see the opportunity for some more rain late in the day. right now our temperatures are looking pretty good. the winds out of the southwest are going to crank closer to 15 miles per hour later on today. our futurecast, i'll pause it right about the 5:00 hour. that's when i expect the showers begin to develop again. this is hit or miss and not all of us are going to get wet. we're fine overnight. we start off with cloud cover tomorrow morning. then the moisture moves on through. we'll see an opportunity for rain tomorrow afternoon as well. so here's how the forecast looks overall for that long term. we will start to see these temperatures warm up today. expecting more like summertime highs as we hit into the 80s. the overall forecast stays code green for the next three. late day shower or thunderstorm opportunity throughout the week. >> thank you, olga. it's 6:46. this saturday you can see the washington national opera's performance for free at
6:47 am
nationals park. it's the fifth annual opera in the outfield. joining us this morning for a preview is scott with the national opera and solomon howard who is performing in the opera. gentlemen, thank you for being here, especially you, solomon. i know your voice in the morning is very precious. you guard it carefully. scott, this is the fifth year of doing this. why taking the opera out of the opera house and on the road? >> i think it's a great opportunity to introduce opera to a bigger group of people outside the opera house. it's free. you can bring a blanket, sit in the jowld field, concession -- outfield, concessions are open. it's great for kids and first time operagoers. >> less stuffy than being in a rigid seat in the opera house. you've got a lot of things. you say it's great for families, it's free and a lot of things that happen at the ballpark even before the performance starts. >> the gates open at 5:00. we'll do things like a sword
6:48 am
fighting demonstration. there's group classes and miss brown will be there who is our opera roofing -- [indiscernible] -- going to be there. howard, you're a d.c. native. you have lots of family here. where did you go to school? >> mckinly tech and finished at fairfax high school. >> did you always have the deep baritone voice? >> my voice started changing when i was 11. i will never forget it. i remember trying to speak to a young lady or girl at the time and my voice went through this weird cracking and breaking period. it was the most embarrassing thing. i will never forget that. >> talk about embarrassing, opera is seen as something old and stuffy and saddled. if you don't know it, you can -- someone submitted scott. how do you feel about that?
6:49 am
>> i was very honored to be on bear hunt although i am a base. it's a great opportunity. >> tell us about your character. >> my character, a father whose daughter has just been taken advantage of. i come out with vengeance. i'm going to protect my child. how dare you disrespect me. and also my daughter. >> it's my job to defend her, defend her honor. >> scott, tell us finally how else are you reaching out to get new audiences to come besides those -- solomon's family and friends. >> tickets are at a reduced price. we're -- [ inaudible ] which is for our schoolkids, a one-hour
6:50 am
program teaching them about the music and the magic that happens backstage. >> give yourself an opportunity to see a wonderful opera, one of the ten most popular in the world and to see solomon howard, hear him. it's on stage at the kennedy center through mid october. >> exactly. >> jess? >> thank you very much, andrea. that sound like a good deal and we have several other daily deals for you. we're going to start with yoga in tenleytown. you'll get up to 68% off your pick of either a five or ten- pack of yoga classes. you can even get one year of unlimited yoga. prices range from $30 for five classes to $550 for the unlimited option. this deal is available on gilt city. body tanning and at the beach tanning will help keep you looking summery during the fall. offering up to 66% off air brush obtaining or spray tanning packages. there are four packages available beginning at $15.
6:51 am
you can find this one right now on groupon. smile sciences is offering its complete teeth whitening solution kit for $29. it's 90% off the regular price of $299. this offer is available on if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. a check of the news before you go is next.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
today is wednesday, september 26. here's a check of the news before you go. d.c. police say one man is dead, another one is wounded after a shootingover night on h street at benny road southeast. officers are still on the scene and hoping to get more clues once the sun comes up this morning. we'll get an update this
6:55 am
morning on repairs to the washington uponment. it's been closed -- monument. it's been closed since last year's earthquake. the monument may not open till next year or even 2014. the phillies scored four runs in the 3rd inning off ross debt whiter. national -- detwiler. the nationals lewd 6-36789 the nationals lead in the nl east is down to four games, eight games left to play. time to reveal the answer to our question of the morning. it was on average you can earn more money the more you do which of these? is it a, work, b, read, or c, earn degrees? >> the best answer is b, read more, you earn more. >> one more check on traffic and weather is next right here on 9news now.
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
forecast will stay cloudy into the afternoon. a late take shower or thunderstorm a possibility. warmest day the week today and back to the 70s with a rain chance every day. right now all those accidents i was telling you about are all cleared but they left all that slow traffic. southbound 270 it's basically off and on from frederick through germantown a. quick look at the beltway north of town. outer loop delays from 95 to university. looks pretty good. we have an economic report out at 10:00. hopefully that will bring some good news. cbs this morning is next. more on campaign 2012. plus, country star dwight yokum stops by. monika and i will be back with weather and traffic updates. 4:25 tomorrow morning is the first time we'll see you next. have a great day, everybody.

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